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Born on :

Born in :
Centertown (Cole Co.) Missouri.

Married on :

Married in :
Utica, South Dakota.

Died on :

Died in :
Sioux City, Iowa.

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1930 Census


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Albert is my Grandfather on my fathers side.

He was born December 31, 1894 in Centertown (Cole Co.) Missouri.
He was the son of Frank Delinger Houk and Cora Isabelle Pace Franks second wife.
He worked on farms around the midwest most of his early life. In 1917 Al went 
to the Sweeney automotive school in Kansas City, Missouri. 
Which may have influenced his career in the army. I have a 
picture of the 138 ambulance co. 35th Division at Camp Doniphan in 
Oklahoma dated March 31, 1918. 
He kept some of his apparel which was passed down to me. His helmit, 
ambulance bag, arm band and trench kit. 
During WWI he was stationed in France. After the war he worked 
with his brother John and August on a general farm in Utica Yankton county
South Dakota in the 1920's.

                  This is Albert (left) with August.
It was while working here he met Yvonne Heberer a young woman from the heart of France 
who was working on a farm down the road with her brother Charles.
On August 25, 1921 he married Yvonne in Utica South Dakota.
After their marrage the packed a wagon and moved down to Oceola Missouri. 
where they had their first child, Marguerite. 
I can only assume he worked more farms at this time. 
They were starting their lives from scratch! 
But things Did get Better. 
Their first son was born in Kansas. 
They did not live there they were on a trip in a car when 
Yvonne went into labor. She was carried into a strangers 
home and there Albert was born. A couple of years later Albert bought a farm 
in correctionville Iowa.
Their last child Norman was born in Doon Iowa.

Over the years he tried different business adventures. 
He owned a hardware store in Iowa and for awhile he ran it with 
his son Albert. He also ran a grain elevator. 

He Died on May 11, 1958 in Sioux City Iowa. He suffered a heart attack.

Below is a picture of him with his wife Yvonne Heberer.

His Children

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