Franklin Delinger Houk is my Fathers Fathers Father.

		I'm sure you can see where this is going.
Frank was the son of Willian Houk and Pricilla Maria Elliot You can click on the people in the photo and to go to their webpage. Cool!!
		Frank's data is:

		Born     May 12 1857

		Place    Moniteau Mo.

		Married  1st time 00/00/0000 2nd time on Feb 11 1892

		Died     Sept 9 1925

		Place    Calhoun Mo.

		Buried   Sept 11 1925

		Place    Frank and Cora are buried side by side in the Laurel

		         Oak Cemetery Windsor, Mo.

		         There are other members of the family there as well.

		He lived 68Yrs 3Mo 28days

			 Frank was First married to Martha E Prine and had five children
	                 their ages were 2, 4, 6, 9, and 11 when he married his second wife
			 Cora Isabelle Pace on Feb. 11th, 1892 at the age of 35.
			 He had 13 more children With Cora. Two of these children died at birth.
			 Cora was 44 and Frank was 59 when they had their last child who was 
			 Orville Alfred in 1916. The Man left of center with the mustash is 
			 Franklin Delenger Houk!

The boy second from the right is Albert Eve my Grandfather.

		Known childern of Frank D Houk and Martha E. Prine are:

		Eva Jane Houk             b. 01/27/1883,       d. 01/10/1938.

		Christopher Columbus Houk  b. 11/12/1884,       d. 11/07/1940.

		Emma Lulu. Houk            b. 07/26/1886,       d. 01/10/1938.

		Edna Lee. Houk,            b. 04/15/1888,       d. 07/20/1971.
	                                   in Moniteau Co. Mo.
		Charles Francis Houk      b. 08/05/1890,       d. 09/11/1923.

		Known children of Cora Isabelle Pace and Frank Delinger Houk are: 

		John Thomas Houk,         b. 06/06/1893,       d. 04/25/1958

 		                         in Cole Co. Missouri

		Albert Eve Houk,          b. 12/31/1894,       d. 05/11/1958

 		                         in Cole Co. Missouri

		Wille Franklin Houk,      b. 06/13/1896        d. 09/10/1897

		                          in Cole Co. Missouri

		August Dewey Houk,        b. 08/01/1898,       d. 04/22/1986.

 		                          in Florida

		Rolla Guymond Houk,       b. 09/01/1900,       d. date unknown.

		Ollie May Houk,           b. 09/01/1900,       d. 02/17/1984.

		                          in Kansas City

		Mary Eliza Houk,          b. 05/20/1903,       d. 05/05/1975.

 		                         in Eldarado Springs,Cedar,Missouri

		Minnie Alta Houk,         b. 10/25/1905,       d. 03/31/1949.

		Opal Eunice Houk,         b. 10/09/1907,       d. 10/18/1907.

		Christena Houk            b. 07/31/1908,       d. 04/26/1980

		Raymond Delinger Houk     b. 01/18/1911,       d. 04/021974

		                          in Olathe,Johnson, Kansas 

		Gladys Pansy Houk         b. 09/17/1913,       d. 10/08/1931

		                          in Henry County, Missouri 

		Orville Alfred Houk       b. 09/14/1916,       d. 02/26/1983

		                          in Eldarado Springs,Cedar,Missouri

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